I grew up in a society where education was only for some type of children (in better-off families) who could afford school necessities.
Despite my being in a government school, to attain free education some children like me still couldn’t afford to meet some of these necessities to facilitate our being at school.

My mother used to brew local beer (maize and flour) to keep me and my siblings at school, because she had so much love for education, she was burdened and overwhelmed but never gave up on us.
And being a last born in my family, At the age of 13 years, I was very Inquisitive to do anything for myself even though it costs me a leg and a hand.

At the age of 14 years, I joined my brother in the tour guiding field where my first job was at one of the camps here in Sipi working as a compound cleaner, and chef work, going for shopping for the clients in the small trading centre nearby.

During my week days, I went to school In my Primary Education, I was among the smart and clever pupils and this won the hearts of my class teachers and my fellow classmates and in the evenings, I returned to vend to work on the street. And worked in the kitchen whenever there was need of my service.

I got the opportunity to join and attain my secondary education, and performed well in both my O and A Level. Despite all the unbearable challenges. After I started online engagements, promoting myself as a tour guide in Sipi and yes, I earned myself popularity, great networks, companies, and different recommendations. And guess what? My first bookings, were my breakthrough, having my first foreign client reach out to me on WhatsApp, I was supper excited.

I worked and saved about 400$ where I decided to join a driving school for a month just to learn and have the personal skill and that in the time Discover Sipi was born, the rest is history.

Before I pen off, I must admit that Education seems easy when it’s strived regardless of the ups and downs one can go through. It doesn’t earn us direct jobs but rather opens many opportunities for us. The roots of Education are bitter and the fruits are sweeter.
Always Endeavor to join us and be apart of these productive events to create a change in our community (s).

And with all of my life experience, I love to be the change I want to see in the world.